Modesto Unplugged and ModestoView present:
Songs & stories with performers from around the globe

Gottschalk Music Center recital hall, 1502 E St., Modesto
Doors at 7:00, concerts at 7:30 - $15 general admission / kids 12 and under free

Limited seating: RSVP at 209-543-5306 or

Saturday April 8


From the familiar roads of his hometown of Clydebank, Scotland to the sun-kissed beaches of California, Peter Daldry brings his talent and unique vocals. Blessed with a strong smooth tenor voice, Peter sings the only way he knows how: with power and passion and depth of feeling. Powerful and passionate vocals, delivered in a Celtic folk contemporary style. Whether singing a heartfelt ballad or a rousing Scottish battle song, Peter's vocals draw listeners in with a conviction rarely heard these days.

Saturday May 20


Painted Wood is a musical collaboration between Jerusalem- and New York-based performing artists Israel Mizrachi and Eliana Hazzanista Kissner. The two met late one Friday night on a quiet street in the vibrant and multi-layered Nahlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, where they discovered a deep connection through their mutual appreciation of imagination, playfulness and music. They set out on a journey together creating original compositions that incorporate storytelling, opera, classic Israeli songwriting, and lyrics in English and Hebrew.

Saturday June 17


True Life Trio weaves rich vocal harmonies and sultry rhythms from Eastern Europe, America and beyond. This innovative trio explores the creative possibilities of cross-fertilization of different traditions, with unlikely timbres connecting Bulgaria to the Bayou. Their improvisation-laced repertoire includes original songs and folk tunes from Mexico, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Poland, Ukraine and more. The trio delves deep into a vast array of folk music that lends itself to three-part vocal harmony, massaging and expanding the boundaries of these traditional styles. The result is a sweet, sonic explosion that melts in the listener’s ear and that is uniquely True Life Trio.

Friday March 31


Classically trained violinist and songwriter Gaelynn Lea has been bewitching scores of fans with her experimental and ambient takes on fiddle music, an approach that incorporates her love of traditional tunes, songwriting, poetry and sonic exploration. Her work most recently won NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest, a competition drawing submissions of original songs from more than 6,000 musicians across the country. Gaelynn Lea has been playing violin for over twenty years, developing an improvisational style all her own.

Friday June 23


Brazilian-American vocalist & songwriter Monica da Silva, and musician & producer Chad Alger, perform in their signature, self-coined ‘indie nova’ style. Complicated Animals mixes indie pop with Brazilian Bossa Nova, blended seamlessly into something airy and sweet with an unobtrusive Latin beat. Perfectly paced tempos and Monica’s sweet vocals in both English and Portuguese make for a perfect marriage of North and South American cultures.

Saturday July 15


Marina John Hanna is a multi-instrumental musician from Suez, Egypt, who specializes in jazz music and composition. She plays a variety of instruments including hand and concert percussion, piano, cello, bass, guitar, and vocals. Marina’s versatile repertoire features her original piano compositions alongside hits by Adele and others, which she sings in both English and Arabic. She was awarded the Tischer Classical Music Scholarship at the 2016 ‘Valley Talent Project’ competition.

Saturday August 12


Hailing from the colorful and gritty La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Blue Tango Project is a groundbreaking exploration of the emotional and musical crossroads where tango and the blues embrace. It is a collaboration between Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté and California harmonica player Kevin Carrel Footer, who This globe-trotting duo celebrates the deep spiritual bond that joins tango and the blues, two musical genres born in desire and marginality, many times censored yet always resurgent and speaking directly to our hungry souls. When they play together, Maria’s voice and guitar fill the stage with echoes of tango’s forbidden pleasures, while Kevin’s harmonica whines with the lament of the solitary blues soul.