The Modesto Unplugged live music series has moved!

Find us in our new home at 500 S. 9th St. between E & F streets


A listening concert space, art gallery, and theater center

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Upcoming Events:

Saturday January 20 - 8 PM - $20


ATB Trio's music is an original blend of styles drawing from concert and folk traditions. It begins with the electric lever harp of Amelia Romano, whose playing is rhythmic and dynamic. Enthralled by an intricate muse, she covers low and high registers with contrapuntal panache. Amelia is joined by Matt Ebisuzaki on C rotary-valve trumpet and Tim Renner on upright bass. ATB Trio forges each composition from multiple perspectives, passing melodies and improvisation from player to player. This is spirited, creative music from collaborators who encourage each other to push their technical and expressive capabilities.

Thursday February 1 - 7:30 PM - $20


Marbin is a progressive jazz-rock band based in Chicago, IL, with a unique story that stands out in today's music world. With a do-it-yourself approach, Marbin started touring extensively in 2011, bringing their original instrumental music to every part of the United States. Through word of mouth, Marbin has gained tens of thousands of devoted fans all over the world, and has sold tens of thousands of albums. Marbin has released six albums: Marbin (2009), Breaking the Cycle (2011), Last Chapter of Dreaming (2013), The Third Set (2014), Aggressive Hippies (2015), and Goatman and the House of the Dead (2016). Marbin regularly plays in clubs all over the US and in jam and jazz festivals around the world.

Saturday February 10 - 7:30 PM - $15


Atmasandhi is an eclectic & colorful blend of music weaving together rich tapestry of far Eastern Indian Classical Music with vibrant Spanish Guitar, energetic Afro-Cuban Rhythms and drums. Together they create music that has a feel of rock with some swift guitar riffs, some folk sounds and some improvisations like jazz and is infused with sounds and rhythms of India. Atmasandhi is truly a beautiful fusion - a musical journey for the senses.

Saturday March 3 - 8 PM - $20


Beaucoup Chapeaux's music appeals to lovers of a wide variety of musical genres. Part Parisian bistro, Italian cirque, Greek taverna, the Hot Club of France in the wilds of Macedonia with Piaf singing in Albanian, playing antique melodies re-imaginings as well as visionary new creations inspired by all of the above along with Celtic and American jazz, folk, and blues.

Saturday April 7 - 7:30 PM - $15


Wendy Burch Steel and Redwood play a unique cross-section of genres incorporating all the good and sweet aspects of folk, old-time, country, bluegrass, blues, and original songs, and include some of the best known names in California Bluegrass: Butch Waller, mandolin, vocals, and original songs; Glenn Dauphin, award-winning guitar player and vocals; and Mary Gibbons, vocals and bass. Wendy was nominated as Best Female Vocalist by the Northern CA Bluegrass Society Awards two years running.

Wednesday May 2 - 7 PM - $10


Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen seamlessly combine emotive, soaring violin, diverse guitar styles, a dash of harmonica and humor, and unique vocal chemistry with a polished, engaging performance. With broad influences ranging from folk, classical, old time and Celtic, to gospel, jazz, vintage country, rock n' roll, blues, and bluegrass, Dan and Laurel flow seamlessly through genres, tempos, stories, and moods, embodying each style with virtuosic command and keeping music fans on the edge of their seats. The enjoyment is palpable.